Fundraising made easy for Christian Schools

Pack 10,000 meals for hungry families and raise money for your mission!

Raise $30,000 in three days. It is that simple!

A one-night event that allows you to share your organization’s impact and raise major funds

We believe DISCIPLESHIP can be truly infused into every component of your school; even fundraising.


Feed the Need is The Champion Group’s premier major fundraising event. We innovated a new event concept to raise significant funds for your organization while making a true difference in the world. 

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Meals Packed
Week Campaign

Feed the Need has captured the hearts of participants, media, and donors beyond any event in our history. During your Feed the Need Packing Party, your participants will pack 10,000 meals in one school day over four hours.

The scene is exciting and filled with energy, balloons, news crews, and upbeat music. Of the 10,000 meals you pack, you have the option to keep 5,000 for local distribution. Most schools send 8.500 meals to be distributed overseas directly to orphans and children facing extreme hunger in different third-world countries (Haiti, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh) and distributor the remaining meals to local food banks.

We provide all meal ingredients, packing equipment, and event management. The event is entirely weather-proof and allows your participants to make a hands-on difference in the world, all while learning direct character lessons of selflessness, serving others, generosity and gratitude.

Calculate how much your school could raise with a Feed the Need Campaign!


Designed to raise $30,000 in three days! Perfect campaign for startup schools and non-profit ministries. 

Average Funds Raised
Staff to Run
Week Campaign

If your ministry is looking for a way to grow your donor network, expand ministry opportunities, and add $30,000+ to your budget, 30-IN-3 is the campaign for you.

During your 30-IN-3 Campaign, you capitalize on “outside money” by equipping your stakeholders with the ability to reach “outside” their own pockets for donations through what is known as peer-to-peer fundraising.

This effort has tremendous merit as it grows your organization’s network of donors and educates your people on your mission, vision, and needs. This campaign also alleviates donor fatigue from those who already give to your ministry.

This campaign is perfect for non-profit ministries and small start-up schools!


A one-night event that allows you to share your organization’s impact and raise major funds through various revenue streams: live auction, silent auction, tickets, sponsors, and so much more!

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Amazing Night
Week Campaign

The Night of Impact event stands alone from our other major fundraising events. In all other campaigns, funds are raised primarily from peer-to-peer fundraising, generating new donors.

The Night of Impact creates exceptional opportunities to bring those new donors to a setting where you can showcase your organization as meaningful and compelling.

The end goal is not the money those new donors may give at your auction but the hope that those new donors will fall in love with you and become regular long-term donors.

The Champion Group also provides best-in-class auction software that allows you to manage your entire event!

With this software, you can easily track and assign item numbers, starting bid amounts, product descriptions, seating assignments, ticket sales, and program creation. In addition, on the night of your auction, our system allows for accurate electronic processing of the bidder’s purchases, invoicing, and online payment transactions. 

Pros and Cons of Fundraisers

Of course, we understand that tuition and daily donations are not enough to sustain a school or nonprofit. But when you take into account all of the time, effort, money, and other resources put into hosting a fundraiser, there are bound to be pros and cons.

Pros of fundraising events

The most obvious pro of hosting a fundraiser is raising money so you can continue to fulfill your organization’s purpose Another positive outcome is that it’s a perfect time to enhance and communicate your mission to your target audience. 

These events can be lots of fun and a great time to communicate with your stakeholders the mission and vision of your school or nonprofit.

cons of fundraising events

Obviously, the most significant con of an event fundraiser is the possibility of not meeting your fundraising goal. And even if you host an event like a banquet or auction and raise some money, all that time, energy, and effort aren’t worth it if there’s little to no ROI. Now you’ve exhausted your constituents and haven’t accomplished your goal of furthering your mission. 

Get More Out of Your Fundraising

We’re all aware of the typical fundraisers for nonprofits and schools. But they usually don’t bring in nearly enough money and you need to put on multiple throughout the year.

Elementary school fundraising ideas are usually based around product sales: baked goods, Boston Butts, coupon cards, etc. Middle school fundraising ideas include options such as carnivals/fairs or a 5K run or walkathon. And high school fundraising ideas have room for more student-led events like a dance that students pay for tickets to attend or a virtual event like a video game tournament.

Get more out of your fundraising by partnering with The Champion Group to host one fundraiser that can get you through the entire school year. We flip the script to alleviate the pain points of low profit margins by engaging corporate sponsors, major donors, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

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