Financial Stability Solutions
for Christian Schools
and Nonprofits

Are you tired of living on the financial edge?

Most Christian schools live in a false economy. They meet their budgets by underpaying their staff; it doesn’t have to be this way! We can help you develop and implement a plan to change your financial trajectory and become financially sustainable.

Does your ministry conduct fundraisers to buy playgrounds, technology, and furniture?

Why don’t we have the money to buy the things we need. The answer is, we have a revenue problem. The Champion Group can help your ministry develop and implement a plan to fill the three main revenue buckets so you can purchase the things you need. Imagine being able to buy the things you need and allow fundraising campaigns to fund the things you want.

Components Strengthened by Financial Sustainability


primary component

financial planning

secondary component

Your biggest problem is not a lack of money; it is a symptom. Complete the form below to

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