Christian school marketing and admissions

Your Guide to Christian School Marketing and Admissions

To fill all three revenue buckets for your school—enrollment, development, and auxiliary—people have to know that your school exists. And what do we call the action or business of promoting or selling products or services? Marketing.

Your school needs to be marketed—just like any other business—in order to increase revenue. People want to separate Christian school marketing from other businesses and services when, in reality, it’s not much different.

Christian School Marketing

If you ask most traditional educators about marketing a school, they’ll ask, “Who knows better about a school than a teacher or administrator? Who better to do the marketing than the person who knows the most about the school?” This line of thinking is tempting. Just get a teacher or administrator to cover the marketing responsibilities, and you’ll also save money on hiring more staff. Not so fast. 

There is a science and a strategy to marketing. You need to hire people who actually have a marketing background and experience, know marketing strategies, and have developed their skillset. This role takes more than just hiring someone out of the school.

The danger of hiring another educator is that they don’t know what they don’t know. So after pouring time and resources into a marketing campaign that yields little to no results, they won’t know why or what to do next. They also won’t know how to run analytics, collect data, and apply their findings to the campaign.

This is why it’s worth the time and money to hire a professional marketing company or consultant with that as their sole responsibility. Many teachers and school staff are already overworked and underpaid. This is a big job that requires more energy and understanding than a teacher or administrator can give. 

Christian School Admissions

So, if it takes someone with a career in marketing to handle that side of the school’s business, who should be running your Christian school admissions? The answer is actually a salesperson. Who’s measuring your enrollment? Who’s managing how many new students you can take for each grade the next year and how many students you could potentially lose after the current year? You need someone who can come in and close the sale after a parent has seen marketing for your school and wants more information, or an organization has seen your facilities and wants to know if they’re available to rent.

This is someone who will, more than likely, be outside of Christian school “marketing.” Someone who understands it’s not all about understanding education but also about what it takes and looks like to close a sale.

How The Champion Group Can Help

We can help you raise more money than you ever have before and help you bring in more students than you have ever enrolled through our services. We work with hundreds of Christian schools throughout the United States and Canada, and we understand the unique challenges and dynamics they face. Give us a call today to see how we can take your Christian school’s marketing and admissions to the next level.

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