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Empower Christian schools and ministries to accomplish greater fulfilled impact through increased funding and organizational effectiveness.

Seven Components
of a Healthy School

Christian schools comprise seven organizational components that must work together for the ministry to be financially sustainable, operationally excellent, and for Discipleship-Infused Education to occur.

Often organizations try to separate and address the components individually; this is a recipe for failure. It is almost impossible to formulate an effective Strategic Plan without proper Board Governance modeling. Without a Strategic Plan, your fundraising and Advancement efforts will be more complex and less effective. If your organizational development and financial planning are lacking, your systems and process will not be streamlined, and you will be spinning your wheels. Most importantly, your discipleship culture will suffer or collapse if you don’t have strong leadership development and coaching.

These components cannot be separated but must build upon one another to strengthen the entire organization one step at a time.


Services by Component


Advancement entails much more than simply raising money. TCG helps you understand the steps of implementing alternative revenue streams to achieve financial sustainability

Strategic Planning

Without a clear vision, the people will perish. Understanding your vision and the next most important step to achieve your purpose is vital. 

Board Governance

Culture is set by leadership, and in order to have maximum effectiveness, you must be aligned. Strategic Board Governance will enable your organization to reach its full potential.

Leadership & HR

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Organizations must invest in their leaders and staff to strengthen their foundation. We support and coach your people to help them accomplish more than ever before.

Financial Planning​

Finances can be overwhelming and scary to approach. We help our partners implement a Financial Model to predict revenue expense and cash flow better to ensure more confident decision-making.


Academics and curriculum are the pedagogy of your organization and a vital component to ensure your “Why” becomes an effective “How.”


You may have excellent practices and implement great things, but are they systemized? Laying out a systematic operating procedure for your organization’s tasks to accomplish your goals is how you will be able to grow and scale effectively.


The Spiritual transformation of students is the number one goal of Christian schools and ministries. How well are you doing? Our discipleship Audit and Planning process helps your organization develop and implement a plan to ensure maximum Kingdom impact.

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