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Texas Hill Country Administrators Gathering

Gathering Overview

Join private school administrators across the country in October in beautiful Texas for a special three-day professional development gathering.

“We have been so impressed with this organization. Don and Regina are amazing and will work through just about anything that you toss their way. We have had all good experiences, every time! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do a fundraiser in a smooth efficient manner. God bless you guys!”

—John J.

 “Our fundraiser was made so much easier by the organization done by The Champion Group. Their response time to us was amazing, by phone, e-mail, or text, any question we had was important to them. As event director for our school I loved working with them, and I know their help made our event more successful!”

—Jennifer B.

“Don and The Champion Group have helped our school have the best fundraisers we have had in 40+ years of existence. They are tremendous partners with Raleigh Christian Academy when it comes to raising funds, and I give them my highest recommendation. We thoroughly enjoy working with them! We’re already planning our event for next year.”

—Dwight A.

“The Champion Group is an extraordinary group of dedicated men and women who are passionate and extremely dedicated to helping organizations expand their capabilities by training and equipping them to be more effective in expanding their donor base and ministry partners. Amazing group!!!”

—Chuck S.


Fifty Private School Administrators and Board Chairs across the U.S. Also, topical experts in business, education, fundraising, organizational development, leadership development, marketing, discipleship, public policy, and technology.

This year’s Gathering will be held in the heart of Texas Hill Country at a private estate home on Lake Buchanan. Lodging is available at nearby hotels.


Presenters and Facilitators

Hosted by a group of private major donors to Private schools, this Gathering will share new trends, methods, and executive-level strategies to better fund and grow your school for greater ministry impact. The Texas Hill Country Administrators Gathering will be hosted during fall leaf season in a stunning private estate home overlooking Lake Buchanan. As a school leader, you or your board chair are invited to come as our guests to be equipped, inspired, and refreshed. 

Gather. Learn. Grow.


The Gathering is an invitation-only Executive Retreat Conference for Private school administrators and board members. Attendees will hear from national subject matter experts on topics essential to helping schools become fully funded and organizationally excellent.


This year’s Gathering is 4:00 PM, October 25th to 12:00 PM, Thursday, October 27th. Registration is $795 per person and can be covered by Title 2 funds. Hosts have underwritten much of the costs to enable lower registration fees. Lodging and travel costs are not provided.

Cool Fall Weather in Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Understanding the Seven Components of a Healthy School
How to Move from Survival to Thriving
How to Manage Up: Working with Your Board to Accomplish Your Mission
How to Achieve True Financial Sustainability
How to Implement Best Practices for Effective Board Governance

How to Make Lightning-Fast and Smart Executive Decisions
Smart Strategies to Thrive in a Post-Covid Environment

Topics We’ll Cover

This Year’s Schedule


This Gathering is hosted by The Champion Group plus additional business executives who have a heart for helping Private schools become more strategically organized and better funded. Hear from national subject matter experts on topics essential to helping schools become fully funded and organizationally excellent, with the end goal of student transformation. The focus will be on serving, equipping, and refreshing administrators. There will be no sales pitches.

The Private School Experts

Shaun Alspach

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Kelly Blake

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Merida Brooks

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Walter Kearns

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Rick Shaum

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If you’re unable to attend in person, join us by Livestream. Hear the presentations, wisdom, and ideas from key subject matter experts and fellow administrators. 

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Ron Mitchell

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Don Charmichael

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This year’s Gathering promises to be full of wisdom, learning, and fellowship. Join us after the conference for one of these workshops:

Every successful leader needs a high-performing team. This workshop will help leaders think about creating such a team to accomplish their school's objectives. We will discuss how to think about the functional expertise that is required, how to source and recruit talent, how to interview and assess team members for fit, and how to continue the development process once individuals are hired. There will be many practical strategies and tactics presented to help you apply this to your situation.


Schools are a powerful force for good, yet often lack the financial resources needed to grow and accomplish their visions. However, we often lack the financial resources to honor our staff and amplify our impact.
Why? What can we do about this?
Financial sustainability won't happen with one magic pill (one decision or one "great idea"). It happens over time, fueled by making decisions that balance the reality of today with the potential for the future. Let's invest some time learning about some new paradigms and real-world strategies that have helped other schools move from financial survival to stability.