Leadership Development
for Christian Schools
and Nonprofits

Invest in your most important resource.

The best organizations do not always have the most seasoned leaders, but they understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Champion Group will help your key leadership understand their God-given ability and create confidence and clarity for your school and organization. We want to help you create a cadence of leadership development that becomes a regular part of your school’s culture and allows you to thrive.

Who can you talk to about your hardships?

Leadership is a lonely position. As the Head of School or Director of your ministry, we know that there are few who understand the hardships you bear and even fewer you can confide in. The Champion Group has men and women who know exactly what you are going through and what it takes to succeed and maintain a healthy balance. Let us walk with you and help you with your struggles.

Components Strengthened by Leadership Development


primary component


secondary component

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